More Swimming Pool Frogs

Striped Marsh Frog – Limnodynastes peronii

Striped Marsh Frog

All the rain we are having in Sydney is making the frogs very happy. Unfortunately the more it rains, the more frogs end up in the swimming pool.

The latest is the Striped Marsh Frog ( Limnodynastes peronii ) in the pool net above along with his little buddy a Common Eastern Froglet ( Crinia signifera ). What a size difference and both frogs are full grown adults!

I found the Striped Marsh frog one morning safely snuggled in “the cave” formed by a section of broken pebblecrete.

Information about the Striped Marsh Frog ( link to Frogs Australia Network Database)

Frog Call (mp3)


Crinia signifera calling from the pool

Common Eastern Froglet

Later that night, the frogs were calling from the pool area once again. I managed to photograph this little fellow who had jumped into the pool and was singing his heart out.

Striped Marsh Frog Eggs

Striped Marsh Frog Spawn

This morning I found this floating foam nest in amongst the pond vegetation. I definitely have more than one Striped Marsh Frog in the garden and it is the very first time they have breed in my frog pond.

Foam nest up close

Close-up of frog spawn

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