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Pet Dainty Tree Frogs are Breeding!

What a surprise!

Yesterday, the enclosure and all fittings received a thorough clean and the “rain system” was unclogged and left running all day. I might add, it was also raining continuously outside and the little Crinia were singing merrily – and still are.

The Dainty males  called all evening and I heard them again in the early hours of the morning even though the rain had been turned off at bedtime.

We woke to find eggs everywhere! I took a few photos and about six hours later took some more. The eggs are definitely fertile and have started their miraculous development.

Dainty Tree Frog eggs 1 pm

The same eggs at 7 pm

A close up of the eggs showing the vegetal pole – off-white and the animal pole – dark brown

Eggs at 1 pm

Eggs at 7 pm