Pet Dainty Tree Frogs are Breeding!

What a surprise!

Yesterday, the enclosure and all fittings received a thorough clean and the “rain system” was unclogged and left running all day. I might add, it was also raining continuously outside and the little Crinia were singing merrily – and still are.

The Dainty males  called all evening and I heard them again in the early hours of the morning even though the rain had been turned off at bedtime.

We woke to find eggs everywhere! I took a few photos and about six hours later took some more. The eggs are definitely fertile and have started their miraculous development.

Dainty Tree Frog eggs 1 pm

The same eggs at 7 pm

A close up of the eggs showing the vegetal pole – off-white and the animal pole – dark brown

Eggs at 1 pm

Eggs at 7 pm

6 Responses to “Pet Dainty Tree Frogs are Breeding!”

  1. Hi, wow that’s awesome! I was wondering if you could helpmme with any info and basic care for these lovely frogs as I am interested in buying some,also if you are selling them? And jeez how do you deal with soo many eggs?!? Lol.. Any info would be really helpful, you can email me

  2. Hi Sofie,

    Basic care is the same as for any other frog. Clean enclosure, food and calcium supplements, UV lights and temperature. It have a heater in the water set to about 24 deg C

    I was surprised by the appearance of the eggs and so not really set up to cater for them all. Many of the eggs died but I saved some and raised the healthiest tadpoles. Some of the morphs drowned or did not feed well 🙁 but I have a few more little dainties in my enclosure now.

  3. hey how you going, i have looked for dainty tree frogs everywhere and can not find them. i was wondering where you got yours from or if your selling any. thank you

  4. Sorry I do not have any frogs for sale. I suggest you try the trading pages for frogs and reptiles. For example

  5. Are you selling any of the daintys we have two and are interested in purchasing more i am in sydney.. Do you know anyone who breeds daintys in sydney

  6. Hi Cathie, I will email you about the Dainty Frogs in the next few days – a bit busy at the moment.

    Sorry, I don’t know of anyone in Sydney breeding them.