Chasing Time

Meet Whisper

Whisper is my son’s cat. He found her on his Grandparent’s farm where he had been working for around 6 months. She was dumped there by someone who probably thought she would find a home along side the other farm cats. She was only a month old and the two formed a close bond – so when son returned home, cat came too.

What is that red thing?

Whisper and the clock

I want it!

Whisper and the clock

Why can’t I get it….

Whisper and the clock


Whisper and the clock

As a child I owned a story book called “Tiptoes the Mischievous Kitten”.
It was a favourite of mine and of course one of the family cats was named “Tiptoes”. However, I think Whisper is the first cat in my life to earn the label Mischievous!

Mischievous cat

Whisper helping me to repot a plant.

Working in the garden

Tiptoes the Mischievious Kitten

Tiptoes the Mischievious Kitten
Story by Noel Barr and illustrations by P.B.Hickling.
The second book in a Ladybird Books series of animal stories ( Series 497)
First published 1947

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  1. Puss looks really cute in these photos ^_^