Photo Theft

I have found that some of my posts are read by many people from all around the world . I am pleased that my experiences and in particular photos offer  them something whether it be help in identifying a frog, an image for a school report or some other need. I often receive requests for permission to publish my photos on websites or in some cases print media. I have always been very happy to consent so long as credit is given.

The photo below is a very popular one and comes from my post Tadpole to Frog.

I decided to run a Google image search to see if my photo had been used without my permission. I was rather shocked at the results. Some websites appeared to be educational – either composed by students for an assignment perhaps or by teachers to illustrate their lecture notes or course guideline.  Having been involved in the education system I find this disturbing as I always directed students to seek permission before using an image and follow these guidelines myself.

The photo has also been used by community organisations without permission such as  ZeitNews

Below is a screen shot taken of that Google image search showing some of the matching images.

Another popular photo from my post Pond Predators. I have given 2 organisations permission to use this image


A screen shot of the Google image search for my photo.

The image has been used by educational institutions, fishermen and bloggers without permission. For example:

Tj’s Garden  – who has claimed copyright of image on his site.

Fly Fishing Things with the image then linked to by  SCIENCE sEDiment


In The Rifle – Online Fly Shop

Unfortunately it is often assumed all images on the Internet are free to use. Please take the time to ask if you wish to use any of my photos.


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